For starters, if you are looking for a therapist who is both gentle and interactive than I am the on one for you. I am very INTERACTIVE and GOAL ORIENTED. I believe plans are critical to success, and relief is on the other side of action. The desire to make change is good; however, taking action to start something different is even better. When you are experiencing anxiety, stress, or panic, IT TAKES A LOT OF COURAGE TO SEEK HELP. In fact, it takes a lot of energy to do anything. I can help you get started.

Relief is on the other side of action.

If you are still reading… I imagine you might be thinking we would be a good fit. I also imagine that LIFE HAS BEEN REALLY, REALLY HARD FOR YOU lately! YOU DON’T FEEL OK. Why? Because, let’s be honest, talking to a “stranger” about our fears and anxiety can be scary, awkward, and even anxiety provoking. The truth is we all want to know that we are OK, or that we are going to be OK; that’s why we do it. Our friends and family can only take us so far, and after a while, they get tired of hearing about it. Those of us with anxiety, stress, or panic either seek a lot of reassurance or don’t want to be around anyone. What some people don’t realize is that when we have anxiety, we don’t feel like we have control over our lives and the world is crashing down around us. Here’s the other kicker with anxiety, as if being anxious isn’t hard enough - WHEN WE ARE STRESSED, IT GETS WORSE. Who isn’t stressed these days? I have people tell me they didn’t drink until they had kids, why, because kids are stressful! If I haven’t scared you off yet, then you might be thinking I can help you master your anxiety, stress, or panic. Anxiety steals our time and our life. Did I also mention that anxiety affects approximately 40 million American adults? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Anxiety steals our time and our life.

If you are interested in learning more, please call me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.